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LME Productions is a film and video production company that offers all aspects of film, television and video production services. From concept through to post-production, we produce music videos, web videos, and corporate videos, as well as independent projects, be it documentary, short or long format film. We are based in Sydney, Australia.

We have a team of directors, videographers, cinematographers, animators, editors and copywriters, whose collaboration allow each project to have a unique and effective vision from the outset. To ensure a seamless delivery, LME Productions crew plan every shoot down to the last, meticulous, detail.

Each project however large or small, is treated with the same level of professionalism and we encourage client collaboration and creative input.

Contact us today to discuss your video and film production requirements, and see how we can turn your concept into a reality.

On Location or Studio Video & Audio Recording  Pricing Page: Click Here

We come to your live location and record the event using the latest professional digital audio and video equipment. The resulting material is run through the post-production stage for musical and/or video refinement (After the initial, first/rough draft or mix recording is complete).


Our producer  can provide full assistance to any artist who wishes to invest in our audio recording services.


All studio audio recordings take place at Soundworks Studios in Marrickville at their in house studio, which includes the latest Pro Tools Software, a diverse range of guitar/bass amps, mics, drum kits, a control room attached to a live room for live recordings.


Tasks may include but not be limited to: editing, mixing, video post-production and audio mastering, to produce a finished version ready for broadcast, replication and digital distribution. In music applications, our mastering studio will use various types of equipment and tools, digital modeling etc, all specifically tailored to our customers requirements.

Content can include music video clips, demo cd's & dvd's, interviews, radio advertising, advertising video content, corporate videos and documentaries.

The final result will be a rich, dynamic audio/visual experience expected of a professional product.


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Services Include:

  • Music Video Clips

  • Studio Recording and Mixing Package

  • Video Editing and Post production

  • Documentaries

  • Video Advertising

  • Art Studios

  • Data Archiving

  • Consolidation

  • Time and Space

Please contact LME Productions regarding future planned projects and pricing

Level 1, 420 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
New South Wales 2022, Australia

Mobile: +61-404399109



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